Florida Lease-Purchase

Florida Lease-Purchase

florida lease purchase small Florida Lease Purchase

Do you want to "sell"? I have buyers!

Have you tried to SELL your house the TRADITIONAL way?

You signed on with a top-notch listing agent who did everything “right” except bring you a willing, able buyer at a decent price.

You took your listing agent’s advice more than once, dropping your price BELOW the market.



NO offers! Not even a lowball offer for you to scorn and shred!

Need I say, in today’s market filled with buyers who CANNOT get financed, you MUST consider (at least consider) alternative selling strategies.

Question for you: Will you consider owner financing your property?

That is, will you consider:

  • Financing the buyer on the property in which you still have equity or in which you own free and clear? In the case, the buyer typically comes up with much more down payment (around 15% of purchase price for instance). Money is what typically rejects many interested buyers from this type of owner financing.
  • On the other hand, offering your property as a rent-to-own (aka “lease option,” “lease purchase,” etc) is more doable for most people desiring home ownership.Instead of 15% down payment paid upfront, the buyer provides an upfront, non-refundable 3-3.5% “option” payment.

Daily, on other websites I own & operate, I receive 3-4 applications EACH day from people with jobs, money & strong desire.

These people might not have CREDIT or W-2 income. Today, mortgage bankers will NOT lend money to people who cannot VERIFY income and/or assets. The old-time “NINJA” loans died! They’re gone…forever.

If you have a house you’re willing to consider for owner financing, please call or email me or contact me using the short form below.

I’ll be glad to answer your questions. I’ll do my best to answer your questions so you can run it by your spouse, attorney and accountant.

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