More parents are pulling their kids from “traditional” K-college public school system, finally standing up to a system NOT preparing kids and leaving kids/parents in heavy debt.

“Dear Mike, my husband and I read your latest comments on K-12 education. We agree wholeheartedly. Regularly, we read and enjoy your detailed comments and articles on K-12 education. Education is very important to us. We have 3 kids, ages 8, 10 & 13. Unfortunately, we are disappointed in our local school.  To be clear, we don’t blame teachers. Our kids have caring teachers. We are so frustrated with a curriculum that emphasizes testing and memorization. We too join other concerned parents who want our kids to develop a passion for learning.” –Brent & Cally M, Sarasota, FL

sarasota county schools Parents Fire Back At K 12 Education System Implementing More Testing, More Rote & Regurgitation & LESS Learning

***What you see below is the long response I provided to a father of 2 boys, who indicated his wife and he are researching education alternatives for their high-school-aged son.***

This father repeats a common (and serious) concern – today’s education policy makers mandate:

  1. Rote & regurgitation (aka “drill & kill”)
  2. More (not less) TESTING
  3. Memorization – that is,  very little emphasis on higher-order thinking skills (aka “Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  4. Traditional curriculum that ignores kids’ passions – kids are bored out of their minds

Click READ MORE below now for my long response to a parent who searches for an alternative educational experience for his high-school-aged son.


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Sarasota foreclosures, RealtyTrac reports, sell at a discount of 34 percent to non-distressed properties – this in turn affects your property’s value!

sarasota foreclosures drop property values Sarasota Foreclosures (Must) Pull Down Sarasota Property Values...Even Your Propertys Value!

Distressed properties – including short sales and foreclosures – pull down property values for all non-distressed surrounding property owners.


Yesterday, another property owner blew off steam when he discovered his NON-distressed property’s value has dropped $43,000.

To his (unpleasant) surprise, he now owes more than his home is worth. Apparently, he could not refinance his home…even as a short refinance.

His rhetorical question to me when he called, “Why do appraisers include short sales and bank-owned properties when appraising my home?”

Click READ MORE below now for the harsh impact “distressed” properties have on your neighborhood.


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Sarasota real estate  – buying a short sale requires just as much luck as skill, after discovering the “secrets” every buyer needs to know about short sales.

sarasota short sale buying Sarasota Homes For Sale   Buying Short Sale Breaks Traditional House Buying Rules!

Short Sales require patience, luck & experience!

What do house hunters need to know about (buying a) short sale?

Most importantly, a short sale is not short (usually) and it may not result in a (sale).

Recently, friends who relocated to Rhode Island asked me for the “cliffs notes” version of short sales – the ‘insider info’ on what they need to know about buying (or considering) a short sale.

Cliffs Notes version huh?

Okay, here’s what house hunters might consider about a short sale….

Click READ MORE below now for ‘insider chat’ on buying or considering buying a short sale in or (far) outside of Sarasota, Florida.


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Sarasota’s CITY decision makers “bag” poorly chosen parking meters, making worse an expensive experiment by throwing out parking income due to bad meters.

sarasota downtown parking meters   bagged Sarasota City Commission Bags $600,000 Parking Meter Experiment, Drops Parking Meter Income At Wrong Time!!

Bagging parking meters is worse than wasting precious taxpayer money – estimated at $600,000.

Click READ MORE below now to discover what possibly could be worse than wasting ~$600,000 of taxpayer money.


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Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (FL) welcomes JetBlue’s non-stop flights from New York’s LaGuardia Airport mid 2012. 

IMG 0321 Sarasota (FL) International Airport Celebrates JetBlues LaGuardia daily flight, Begins June 2012

Hands down, JetBlue is the one airline my wife and I LOVE.

Every time we’ve flown JetBlue, we’ve enjoyed a wonderful experience including:

  • Very competitive airfare.
  • On time departure & arrivals
  • TVs built into seat rests with 30+ channels.
  • More legroom (in coach) than (all) leading airlines.
  • Generous snacks including full cans of soda – seems small but sometimes it’s the small things that create memorable experiences.

Indeed, great news!

JetBlue Airways will add nonstop flights daily between Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport and New York’s LaGuardia, starting June 11, 2012.

The new flight will depart LaGuardia at 1:35 p.m. and arrive locally at 4:32 p.m. It will take off from Sarasota-Bradenton International at 5:35 p.m., arriving in New York at 8:20 p.m.

Access to Sarasota’s gorgeous weather, beaches & real estate just moved that much closer to New York City.

New Yorkers will be able to get to their Sarasota vacation getaways without having to experience the long delays of a connecting flight.  In fact, Jet Blue’s direct flight makes it easy to make those last minute plans to spend a long weekend soaking up the Sarasota sun or cruising around looking for the perfect Sarasota beachfront winter getaway. icon smile Sarasota (FL) International Airport Celebrates JetBlues LaGuardia daily flight, Begins June 2012

LaGuardia or JFK – which airport do you prefer, JFK or LaGuardia? Please leave a comment below. Thanks! icon smile Sarasota (FL) International Airport Celebrates JetBlues LaGuardia daily flight, Begins June 2012

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